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June 7, 2021
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June 7, 2021
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The ThermoCoat is a unique product designed by Enov Sport that can be used during your various outdoor activities throughout the year, whether at a sporting event, camping or as a safety cover in your car. Made from high quality materials, the center is made of neoprene 1.8 mm thick, the exterior is polyester and the inside is made of polar fleece.

The ThermoCoat can be used as a hot seat to ensure greater comfort in the stands during a sporting event. Once out of the bag, it becomes a waterproof coat, windbreaker or thermal blanket, perfect for cold evening temperatures, autumn rains and northern winds.

No need for hundreds of blankets, umbrellas or coats too big, the ThermoCoat replaces them all. Perfect for parents, players and children.


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