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August 9, 2021
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Multifunctional rebounders


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We innovate with our multifunctional rebounders.

They are easy to assemble and depending on the options chosen you can make up to 4 triangles, 3 squares or diamonds, an octagon with *reaction lights, a 1v1 field with goals, hockey rink and so many more.

Ideal for different types of training; cognitive, taking information, passing and control, 1v1, finishing and others according to your imagination.

Specification : rebounder 48’’x16’’ et net 42’’x16’’
Material: HDPE, aluminium and stainless steel

Available in different options, according to your needs

  • Minimum 3 rebounders: 220.00$/rebounder
  • 8 panels: 1760.00 $
  • 10 panels with 2 goals: 2540.00 $
  • 12 panels with 2 goals: 2840.00 $

*Reaction lights with extendable poles sold separately


Additional information
Number of panels

3, 8, 10, 12