"The use of mannequins during training in the university season is not only for the aesthetic side, it is very useful for specific sessions attacking or to work offensive animation.

Using a mannequin instead of a simple cone or constri-foot is very appreciated by the players on the free kicks in particular. Practical to carry and very light, it is also flexible on shocks.

I recommend it to any coach who wants to invest in a quality product

-Tony Perrier, head coach's Vert et Or women soccer team of Sherbrooke University.

"We at Cleansheet International are very pleased and satisfied with the training products built for us and customized by Enov Sport.

The rebounder that was built for our Keeper School is dynamic and allows us to customize our exercises for all our age groups. This allows us to keep our sessions intense and honest. And the service offered by Enov Sport is impeccable.

I recommend this rebounder to anyone who desires to train at the optimum levels as well as beginners. A great tool.

-Rino Angelillo, director of Clean Sheet International.